Ashton Court

The course was established in June 2011 and was upgraded to 13 baskets in April 2013. In summer 2016 a beginner friendly 9 hole route has been introduced.

The course starts from the gravel D adjacent to the church lodge car park.

The Course is open all year, whenever the park is open. Disc Hire and sales is available from MrFrisbee. Please take note of gate closing times on arrival.

Short 9.

short course mapAdvanced Course

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Disc Golf Course FAQs

How much does it cost?
The course is free to play.

Do I need to bring a disc?
No, discs are available to hire or purchase from @MrFrisbee our specialist mobile Disc Golf shop, The van will be by Hole 1 on from 10-5 every weekend throughout the summer and by appointment at other times, just message MrFrisbee via facebook, email or call 07422521214

Where can I find the disc course?
The course is located in the south west corner of the showground near the Church lodge car park.

Do I need to book?
We have not yet got to the stage of booking tee-times. If by chance the first hole is busy, then it’s easy enough to start on a different hole. If you have a large group of say 10 or more, it’s good to let us know, just in case several large groups all pick the same time to arrive. We will also know to have sufficient discs ready .

Is the course closed for any events?

The course may be fully or partially closed when the show ground is being used for a major events such as the balloon fiesta ( usually 2nd weekend in August)

We generally have one major tournament when the course is closed to casual play for the weekend (9-5pm).  We may have some smaller events, but these should be able to run alongside casual use. New players players are welcome to take part in all competitions but registration is required.

What facilities do you have on site?

The mansion house is around 10 mins walk and has toilets and cafe.

What refreshments are available?

The cafe at the mansion has hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals available

For what age range is it suitable?
At the lower end of the spectrum, attention spans vary, but as a rough guide we would recommend 8 and up. At the other end, the world championships has a division for people aged 70 and over.

What should I wear?
The setting is more countryside than croquet lawn. In the winter months we would suggest walking boots or even wellies. At other times of year, trainers may be fine, but it depends on recent weather and which holes you play. Trees and shrubs are the main obstacles, and you may have to venture into bushes, so delicate or white clothing may not be wise. Venture off the fairway and you can find nettles, so socks or trousers can help.

How long does it take to play?
The Short 9 hole hole course should take 45mins~1h30 to play.

A group of 4 adults of average ability should allow at least 1h45 to play the advanced 13 holes. It can take considerably longer if the group is large and/or people lose discs.

How long are the holes?

The short course holes range between 34m up to 87m.

On the advanced course the holes range from 52m to 254m long.

Are complete beginners welcome?
Yes certainly. This is a new sport for most people, so we expect most people to be beginners.  At weekends MrFrisbee will be on hand to give you anb short introduction to the game.

Will someone show us how it’s done?

Yes, At weekends in the summer  MrFrisbee will be on hand to give you a short introduction to the game. If you are visiting at other times, drop MrFrisbee an email or call 07422521214

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